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Matthew became interested in bodywork over a decade ago as he learned that posture affects our mood, tension, energy, confidence, breathing, etc. As he began working on his own posture he realized that bodywork could be used as a tool to help interrupt the chronic holding patterns he was trying to free himself from.  

In 2009 he graduated from UCMT in SLC and began a private practice; he founded Lifestone Bodywork a few months later. The new Lifestone location in Holladay is a culmination of 10 years of preparation. 

“I love being a bodyworker. I love being able to help people relax on a profound level and to help them develop greater awareness and care for their body. It’s amazing to watch people improve their health and wellbeing and to know that I have helped them to be happier and to feel better. 

“Receiving regular massage therapy will improve your daily life in many ways. It did it for me, and I have seen if work for so many people. I encourage you to give it a try!”

- Matthew Barker, LMT



Helping people discover a lifestyle with more mobility, balance, and function is Daniel's primary goal as a bodyworker. 

He graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2009 and continued his education at the Structural Integration Institute, graduating in 2012. 

He is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has worked all over the country as a carpenter. The pain and discomfort from hard labor jobs brought him full circle to a career in health and wellness. 

Today Daniel dedicates his services to the relief and recovery of people with acute and chronic conditions. His wife and son inspire him everyday to continue his growth as a husband, father, and skilled therapist.

"I consider my work a compliment and blessing to my life. Allowing me to be a part of your journey towards health and happiness is a privileged reward."

- Daniel J. FitzKlein, LMT

More information about Daniel and his practice can be found on his website: fitzkleinlmt.weebly.com



Vanessa is E-RYT 500 certified and has been teaching yoga and meditation for over four years. She fell in love with the practice as she noticed how she was becoming more calm, centered, aware and happy. 

She was healing through mindfulness, healthy eating, and daily yoga practice. 

Over the last couple years Vanessa has added to her yoga training with Reiki (energy healing) and Sound Healing. 

"My goal in my teaching is to help others land in their bodies and heal themselves too."

-Vanessa Noble

More information about Vanessa and her practice can be found on her website:



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